The Sandman synopsis –
In Texas, 1960, the Morgan family, Floyd and his wife, Sonny and brother Rainy, live on their small ranch where they buy, sell and train horses. Floyd and Rainy are the sons of Black Jack Morgan, an infamous horsemen, who died in a tragic, horse-accident where Rainy was also injured, mentally and physically. Traumatized by the accident, Rainy, a natural horsemen and superior in skills to Floyd, never rides a horse again.

When the Morgan’s find out that a world famous stallion is going to be retired to stud, they hatch a drunken plan of imagination and daring. When the scheme goes awry the love of family, memories of the past, a spectacular stallion, and the return of the horseman, combine for a dramatic and emotional conclusion.

This play was first produced in Chicago in 1981 at the Blackbird Theater and later produced at the Ottawa Fine Arts Festival.

Pistoleer synopsis –
Wendell Rhodes, an old, gunfighter rides into Pete’s Way-Station, followed by his past, in the personification of the mysterious Bounty Man. He is on his way to sign up for Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, but he will have one more challenge, before he can ride on, when the Langer gang also arrives, led by the vicious, Billy Boy Langer.
This play was first produced at the Blackbird Theater in Chicago in 1984.

Truth is Best –
When an outbreak of crime sweeps over his neighborhood, a normal, law-abiding chemist becomes a one-man vigilante force as he dons a black hat, cape and mask to become The Masked Avenger. Using a indelible, purple ink he sprays the faces of the evil-doers to stain them forever as criminals. Is he right or wrong in doing this? This is argued as his reasoning and vengeance careens wildly throughout the city.

This video-theatrical production was first produced in Chicago in 1989, at The Abbie Hoffman Died for our Sins Theater Fest.

Renegade Farewell –
The Hill brothers have the top fighting dog in ten counties, but when they are challenged by Fats’ top dog, Satan, a dog that all thought was dead many years ago all hell breaks loose. The fact that the hills are racist and Fats is a black man triggers events that are cruel and deadly. When Cletus Hill roughs up a local girl and her brother and his friends come looking for revenge it sets up an exciting conclusion. Nobody will be the same when the dust settles and the last drop of blood is spilled.
Renegade was first produced at the Black Bird Theater in June of 1984 and later produced in the Galaxy Stage in Los Angeles in 1985 where it won Hollywood Drama-Logue awards for Outstanding Achievement in Writing, Direction, and Set Design.