The Far Riders Trilogy

The Horsemen synopsis –
When the wealthy Endicott family is attacked on the Missouri River by the Nathan Hawks gang of slave-traders and scalphunters, a band of horsemen follow the raiders into Mexico to rescue the survivors. Led by the legendary Texas Ranger, Captain Tully Slay, he is soon joined by an Irish freedom fighter, a young runaway from Kentucky, a former slave with a mysterious past, a Mexican turncoat, and a Comanche tracker.

The Horsemen is the first novel of The Far Riders Trilogy, an epic, frontier adventure, which is followed by In the Devil’s Skin and Children of Thunder.

In the Devil’s Skin synopsis –
As Texas Rangers, Evan Mooney and Bobby Longwell search for the half-breed killer, Dark Sky, they find that a one-eyed man also hunts her. They think that it is possibly Tyke Flannery and that he wasn’t killed at the raid at Pueblo de Coyote and they continue their search for both of them. When the killings of two bounty hunters reunite the surviving horsemen they head to the mountains to escape the wrath of Dutch Bastion and his remaining bounty hunters who have been hired by Chicago businessman, Josiah Ebeneezer to kill the fleeing horsemen. After the killing of a Comanche girl, the hunted becomes the hunters as the horsemen ride off the mountain to seek revenge.

In the Devil’s Skin is the second volume of The Far Riders Trilogy, following The Horsemen and preceding Children of Thunder

Children of Thunder synopsis –
After the shoot-out on the Missouri River, with the bounty hunters of Dutch Bastion, each of the horsemen begin an individual journey, some finding what they seek, while others find surprises and hidden secrets. Secrets that will affect the horsemen forever. But ultimately all roads lead back to Two Crow, where a vicious battle reunites the surviving horsemen, and again they are forced to ride into Mexico, to seek redemption and revenge.

Children of Thunder is the final volume of the epic, adventure, The Far Riders Trilogy, following The Horsemen and In the Devil’s Skin.